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Added Value

Added Value

Achieve and Maintain your ISO Certification

Quality is not a function in your organization.  Quality is everyone’s responsibility.  I can help you expand your understanding and knowledge of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and R2 (Recycling) standards.  To be successful, an organization needs to be committed.  We can help you define your processes, identify gaps, obtain and maintain your certification.

What Added Value Services can do for your organization?

Leading a successful organization takes a strong commitment in this competitive world. In today’s market environment, success will result by implementing and maintaining specific tools to ensure quality. Added Value Services can support your ISO initiative. We want to help your organization distinguish itself by enhancing your process effectiveness, achieving excellence in service, leadership in the market and customer loyalty at a low cost to your organization.

Add Value to Your Organization

Give your organization a competitive edge. In today’s market environments success is measured in terms of quality and service. Objectives of quality are important organizational goals. Allow Added Value Services to support your endeavors by giving you that competitive edge through ISO implementation and maintenance, and through quality of service evaluation.

ISO 9001 Implementation and Maintenance

We will help you achieve and sustain your certification (or others such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and R2).  We will ensure your understanding of requirements.  We will help you tailor the system to your business needs and specifications so you can benefit from a strong and effective Quality and/or Environmental Management System. We will help your organization achieve planned results and foster continual improvement by providing unbiased support and robust internal audits.

Quality of Service Evaluation – Measure to Improve

Our services will help your organization ascertain exactly what type of customer service is delivered and perceived by your customers. Results of evaluation are great indicators, which can help both as a coaching and a management tool. Front line employees are the ones directly in touch with your customers and are one of the most valuable assets to your organization. Wisely investing in their evaluation, training and coaching will help your front line team achieve their most significant goal which is one of delighting you customer. To get best value from our services, you should look to challenge us, keep us informed, tell us what matters most to you, and use the certification, verification and training processes as ways to improve your business and reduce risk.

These should be positive experiences, helping you to build confidence in your processes, find improvements and eliminate weaknesses. In this way, you can reduce the risk of errors, accidents, claims, and prosecutions. To get the maximum value out of the process, our two organizations need to work together in an atmosphere of trust and co-operation. We need to build relationships and it’s important the people in your organization see that we’re there to help. You should encourage everyone to use the certification process as a way to improve the health of your organization, and the way you do things.