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Benefits of Certification

The benefits of ISO certification

ISO certification offers you a combination of business and marketing tools. Achieving your standards will deliver improvements to your organization, and it will also strengthen your ability to tender for new contracts and retain existing clients.

Win New Business

ISO certification can help to make your organization even more impressive to prospective clients and help you tender for new contracts of our clients who achieved ISO certification, 62% qualified for, or won new business as a result. And 25% of those who achieved ISO certification reported qualifying for, or winning, new business purely as a result of their certification.

Impress Existing Clients

Winning new business is important, but retaining your existing clients is just as vital for your bottom line. Achieving ISO certification demonstrates to them that you’re constantly striving to be the best in your field and to provide them with an unmatched service. 13% of our clients who achieved ISO certification report that they retained contracts solely on the strength of their certification.

Enjoy Efficiency Savings

Improvements to your organization’s efficiency doesn’t just impress your clients, but it can deliver you savings too. Aside from reducing wasteful inefficiency, achieving a certification in something like ISO 14001 can lead to incredible savings, with the potential for £5000 per m turnover efficiency savings.

Easily Demonstrate Compliance

Accredited ISO certification serves as a badge to prove that your organization is recognized as fully compliant with legislation and regulations. For instance, ISO 27001 immediately demonstrates that that your organization is in full compliance with data security and GDPR.

This is reassuring to both your clients and your staff. Knowing that you have achieved ISO 45001 will make it clear to your those working for you that you take their health and safety seriously and give them confidence in you as an employer.

Save Even More Time

By working towards multiple ISO certificates at once, you can reduce costs and site visits. And, because our ISO certificates are based on the same framework, it’s easy to complement your achievement with further certification for even greater benefits.

Involvement of All Employees in Making Improvements

During implementation of a certified QMS, quality awareness will increase since all staff must be trained in ISO 9001. This helps develop a strong quality culture, where the staff recognizes problems such as systems or process issues, and works on fixing them permanently. Additionally, the documented processes and the training help new employees learn processes more quickly.