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Goal Setting Mastery

Goal Setting Mastery

We are all on a quest to find out our ultimate goals and purpose in life and ways to achieve these goals. While some of us find our life goals and objectives and even exceed our wildest dreams and expectations, others struggle to find their objective in life and end up feeling confused and frustrated. Understanding your desires and being able to set goals to get you to said desires is the difference between successful people and others. So what is the secret?

Successful people are often determined, focused and persistent in going after what they want. Famous studies illustrate that goal setting, autosuggestion and correct formulation of goals can significantly boost productivity and quality of life. Knowing goals also helps leaders to share them with their teams so everyone knows where they are heading.

This course helps delegates systematically explore goal setting on low-level day-to-day objectives as well as on a grander scale on life mission statements, career goals and long-terms goals. This course is not just about setting goals, it is also about using effective techniques to achieve them.

Sessions are designed to help delegates explore goal setting from many angles, using associations, visual techniques, roles, mind maps and so on. Delegates also participate in exercises on goal formulation to learn about the best ways to express their goals and therefore increase their chances of achieving them.

The course also contains numerous guidelines and exercises on how to self-coach and get immersed in goal finding by engineering the environment. Delegates learn how to avoid procrastination and explore critical techniques on productivity and achieving success.

The course is packed with individual and group exercises to allow delegates examine their goals on their own as well as with the help of others. Comprehensive trainer script is provided so you can guide the delegates through these exercises, encourage discussions and provide assignments for them for after-course activity.

Importance of Goal Setting

  • What are the benefits of goal setting?
  • How goal setting can help your team and organization?
  • How to boost your perseverance

How to Capture Desires

  • What are mind maps and how can they help you capture your desires?
  • How to make a visual representation of your desires
  • How to use the power of association to make sure you don’t leave anything out

Mission Statement

  • What is a mission statement?
  • How can mission statements help you in your long-term and short-term goal setting?
  • How to make sure your goals are consistent
  • How to use an easy step-by-step approach to create a mission statement

Goal Formulation

  • How to formulate goals so that you know you are progressing forward towards them
  • How to formulate goals so that you get to achieve them
  • How to formulate goals so that you don’t get overwhelmed by them
  • How to formulate goals so that they motivate you rather than discourage you
  • How to formulate goals so that you know what is involved
  • What is the different between positive and negative goals and why this matters?


  • How to coach others
  • How to self-coach
  • What is an ideal sequence of activities to go through when coaching?
  • How can self-coaching help you reach your goals?


  • What is autosuggestion and what is its significance on goal setting?
  • What is Law of Attraction and how can it help you achieve your goals?
  • What are the traditional techniques on immersing yourself in activities that help you to achieve your goals?
  • How can you use technology and modern software tools to boost the power of autosuggestion?


  • What is procrastination?
  • What causes procrastination?
  • How can you avoid procrastination?
  • How can you take advantage of techniques such as The 10 Minutes Rule or Head Start to avoid procrastination?

Goal Visualization

  • What is NLP and how does it relate to goal setting?
  • How can you use NLP to visualize your goals and facilitate your progress towards them?