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Habit Building 7.1

Habit Building 7.1

Course Overview and Design

The purpose of the Habit Course is to enable you to create new habits that allow you to achieve goals that matter to you.


We have used the most recent developments in adult education in designing the Habit Course, grounding ourselves in sound research-based principles of good teaching. This allowed us to create a course that goes way beyond providing our participants with mere information but rather an integral experience that invites each participant to revisit themselves and their habits.The course is designed around four core elements:


You will have access to the most recent and cutting edge developments in neuroscience and cognitive psychology without having to immerse yourself in its literature.


You will engage in research-based tested activities and practices which give you the biggest leverage point to create and maintain new habits. 


You will learn how to bring awareness to unconscious habits and strengthen your willpower, dramatically expanding your abilities to take new actions in your life.  


 You will unearth blind spots and integrate new knowledge with previous beliefs, giving you a brand new look at yourself and your life.


The course is held over five weeks. Each week includes a 2½ hour session lead by two co-facilitators. Sessions are highly engaging, interactive and fun. In between sessions, you will work on your habits, implementing what you learned in class. Each participant is assigned a partner and responsible to hold each other accountable.

  • 5 weeks course
  • weekly 2½ hour sessions
  • weekly meeting with your accountability partner
  • weekly habit practice
  • weekly email check-in

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to get more done with less stress
  • Anybody with bad habits who have never been able to kick them
  • Anybody who has stopped a bad habit only to pick up another one
  • Entrepreneurs who want to focus on the things that will make them money and eliminate the noise
  • People who want practical tips they can use right away and not just half baked theory
  • Take this course if you’re ambitious but rarely make progress
  • Take this course if your grades suffer because you can’t be consistent
  • Anybody who wants to accomplish more with less perceived stress and effort. Habits allow you to get loads of things done while feeling like it was effortless.