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Automation System

Ac Drives

AC Drives/VFD

To boost the productivity of your processes, Improve energy efficiency and reduce the maintenance cost An ac drive is a device that is used to control the speed of an electrical motor. The AC Motor Drives are able to efficiently control the motor speed, Improve the machine automation and save energy. The AC Drive has a comprehensive fault diagnostic system that includes  several different alarm and fault message. Once the fault is detected, the corresponding protective functions will be activated to shut down the AC Drive output. The fault descriptions, for a fault shown on the AC Drive digital display. After the fault has been cleared , Switch the Run/Stop key to stop mode to reset the AC Drive.

Process Automation System and Panel

starting from the analysis of specific technics and project’s P&Is, can realize electric and instrumental Hook-ups, BOM for the realization and planimetry for cable tracing, schemes for junction boxes, cable lists, electrical schemes for power and automation systems.

Realize electrical schemes for plants with PLC and supervision systems with a high degree of complexity and redundant systems;

MCC – Motor control center;

Local panel;

Control Philosophy;

Loop Diagram;

I/O List;

Software for the control and management of the plant;

Instrumentation List;

Operator’s manual for PLC and operator panels;

Calibration of process instrumentation;

Building and prefabrication of electro-instrumental panels for measurement and control.Our experience allows us to realize special and out-of-standard items and Electro-instrumental system customized according to the customer’s needs and the kind of environment or industrial sector, also with IECEx/ATEX certified components.We realize and install Electro-instrumental system in UK and abroad, in accordance with the laws of the country of destination.